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Face lift or PDO thread lift…

The skin on your neck is one of the parts of your face that ages early. The skin in that area is already very thin to begin with; so it’s highly susceptible to laxity. Combined with sun exposure and constantly looking down at our phones, more people are starting to develop neck wrinkles earlier than they should. If you’ve started to develop fine lines in this part of your face, the best way to fight them is to address the issue as soon as possible.

Fortunately, the cosmetic industry has come up with minimally invasive treatments that reduce the appearance of wrinkles and bring back your skin’s elasticity. Two of the most popular non-surgical treatments today are mini facelifts and PDO thread lifts.

Read on to learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of both options.

Mini Facelift

A mini facelift is a less invasive version of the traditional facelift. It’s a minimal skin tightening procedure focused on the lower half of the face, including the neck. In a mini facelift, the surgeon makes the incisions along your hairline or above your ears. Then, they’ll pull the skin tissues upward through the cheeks to “lift” the sagging skin. If necessary, the surgeon will also remove some excess skin to make your neck and jawline firmer. Cosmetic surgeons typically recommend this treatment for younger patients or those with mild to moderate sagginess. If you have deep wrinkles or severely loose skin, you’d see better results from a botox or traditional facelift.

Risks and Recovery

Mini facelifts use smaller incisions, so they require shorter recovery periods compared to full facelifts. However, you’ll still need around two to four weeks to recover since the procedure is invasive. You’ll likely need to take time off from work to rest. The most common side-effects are swelling and bruising immediately following the procedure, which should go away naturally after several days. Because of the procedure’s invasive nature, risks like bleeding, scarring, and infections are also present. Your surgeon will help you determine whether a mini facelift is the best option for you depending on your overall health.

PDO Thread Lift

Thread lifts are non-invasive procedures, which make them a more convenient alternative to facelifts. The threads are inserted via injections, so the provider won’t have to make incisions on your face. The threads have microscopic barbs that anchor into your skin and tack it in place, making your jowls and neck look firmer. Once the threads are inserted, they’ll trigger your body’s natural healing response, stimulating collagen production in the area that gives your skin a more youthful glow. The downside of this procedure is that the threads are dissolvable, which means the effects don’t last as long as more invasive procedures. Some still opt for this procedure because the increased collagen production delivers long-term skin benefits by restoring elasticity in your face.

Risks and Recovery

Thread lifts require minimal recovery time. The procedure only takes 30 minutes to an hour and doesn’t involve anesthesia, so you can get back to your normal routine or go straight to work right after the treatment. You do, however, still need to avoid activities that make you sweat heavily.

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons considers thread lifts low-risk procedures. The most you’ll experience is some slight pain at the injection site, bruising, and swelling, but these should fade a few hours after the treatment. If you experience any complications, see your practitioner immediately. They’ll take out the sutures, which should solve the irritation. Between the two procedures, a thread lift is the less risky and more convenient option. This non-invasive treatment gives you the effect you want without disrupting your daily routine too much.

However, if you’re looking for something with longer-lasting results or if you have severely loose skin, then opt for the procedure that results in a more permanent effect. Regardless of what you choose, make sure you find someone who is properly licensed and trained to ensure your safety and comfort throughout the treatment and that you achieve the results you want. Hailo Aesthetics is a Trusted Provider of FDA-Cleared PDO Threads.

We choose PDO Max because they are one of the few FDA-cleared PDO threads in cannula in North America.

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